Your customers love you for it. But you're spending so much time on marketing, you barely have time to be creative anymore. 


Artists, writers, solopreneurs and small businesses can become overwhelmed and burn out quickly from the seemingly endless demands of digital marketing.


From getting a website together and deciding what to write about on a blog, to keeping up with content creation for social media, developing a lead magnet, collecting and funneling leads, to managing your email list and increasing your sales revenue - there just aren't enough hours in the day.

My name is Mandi Brown. I'm a Marketing Strategist & Content Creator. I'd love to lighten your load so you can get back to doing what your customers love most about you! 


Strategic Content Marketing

Anything you digitally create to feature your brand, yourself, or your services is content.


Content marketing is the strategic creation and delivery of this material to your existing and potential customers without directly asking them for a sale.


This long term style of marketing is intended to build a realtionship, foster trust, and build loyalty over time, so when your perfect customer is ready to make a purchase, your brand will naturally be top of mind for the sale. 

H O W   D O   W E   B E G I N ?



30-minute Consultation

You tell me about your business goals & pain points.


Create a Plan & Budget

I'll tell you how I can help,

you tell me if it works for you.


Accomplish Your Goals

I help you achieve your goals while  you get back to doing what you love!

A N A L Y T I C S       S T R A T E G Y       C R E A T I V I T Y


DO NOT HESITATE to bring Mandi onto your team!!! She is a gold star among marketing professionals and if you are lucky enough to get Mandi on your team, you will never regret it. Within 6 months she took my Pinterest engagement from 8k to well over 1 MILLION per month...that's kinda when it hit me that I could never let her go.  In addition to completely killing it in the Pinterest department she has skyrocketed my Instagram engagement and following, has mastered my Email Marketing Software (new to us both), website AND blog and continues to impress me with both her willingness to learn, her insane work ethic and her ability to perform.  When I first met Mandi, she struck me as a warm and fuzzy creative soul and I though, "meh, ok, I'll give her a shot." I was drowning in social media obligations and I really just needed some help freeing up my time so I could get back into my studio to keep on working on what I am best at: making art.  What I didn't know at time was that I had actually hired a marketing and social media SHARK.  She also somehow manages to miraculously manage her time between work and her busy family with patience and grace.  As a fellow working mompreneur, I have mad respect for her for doing that!  She has single handedly helped transform my business in ways I didn't think possible and I have no doubt she can help with yours. 


Karen Campbell, Artist

YouTube Artist | Teacher | Author

Raleigh, NC

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To market to your customers the way we like to be marketed to- respectfully, creatively, and with class.