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MANDI BROWN    Owner, Triangle Creative Group

Analytics Trend Detective

Small Biz Content Marketing Coach

YouTube Content Planner & SEO Strategist

Pinterest SEO Strategist & Account Manager

Authentic Email & Sales Funnel Copywriter

Instagram #HashtagHunter

Drag & Drop Designer of Anything 

Meticulous Proofreader 


Dream Job: Voice of a Disney Princess


Photos by the lovely & talented Chelsea Ann Photography


I'll help you tell it.

I think brand management, content marketing, and consumer behavior are fascinating. The intersection of these three elements is where artists, solopreneurs, and small businesses can often begin to feel overwhelmed. This is where I thrive.

If you are struggling with understanding your google analytics, content planning, email marketing strategy, YouTube SEO,  Pinterest marketing, or simply need a copywriter for your email marketing funnels or website – together, we can come up with a plan to suit your needs and budget.  

I’ve been striving to surpass client expectations since I entered the world of relationship marketing in the late '90s as a marketing consultant. At that time, I had the amazing opportunity to work closely with the president of a small direct marketing agency in Chicago, and eventually managed his company’s top two clients,  Bank of America and Firestone. Those were the days of direct mail- when print was king, budgets were sky high, and email marketing was in its infancy. The responsibilities of that position provided me with an excellent foundation of skills, experiences, and friendships I will never forget. 

I left that position to start a family and embrace motherhood to the fullest. My husband and I had three beautiful children (including a set of twins!) in three years.






I had dreamed of being a mommy for years and loved it, but as time went on, I found myself missing using my brain the way I had pre-kids, in my career. When the youngest (our twins) were settled in elementary school, I slowly re-entered the world of marketing, only to discover the ​landscape had completely changed.


When I had left my career behind -  social media wasn't a thing and people were just starting to talk about digital marketing. I had quite the learning curve, but found myself embracing it - even loving it! It was still customer relationship management - but in a new, more intimate format where I could combine my loves for writing, graphic design, and strategic implementation. I quickly discovered I had instincts for it, and could even nerd out with nearly instant analytics to tweak my efforts mid-campaign and encourage stronger results! 

I started Triangle Creative Group in late 2017. Soon after, I stumbled across my first client and my love of all things Pinterest strategy, YouTube SEO, and even email marketing! This amazing woman and I have been working and learning together ever since. Love you Karen!! (The pic below was taken just before covid on Karen's first, annual Scotland Castle Art Retreat.)













I am grateful to my husband for his unwavering support, and SO thrilled with the beautiful souls the universe keeps sending my way as clients. I love the opportunities each of them present to me, and enjoy helping them connect with their customers to offer their products and services in a way that feels genuine and natural. 

If digital marketing feels daunting to you, contact me! I would love to hear about your business goals and help you develop a marketing plan you can confidently move forward with.  

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