Build Relationships.

Excluding friends and family, who is the ONE person you actually look forward to recieving an email from each week in your inbox?


My guess is you've chosen a podcaster, YouTuber, social media influencer, or blogger. It's likely this person gives you something every week for free, that feels valuable to you. Maybe it's a quick nugget of entertainment, education or inspiration, advice, or even friendship.

It's highly possible you even know what day of the week this person is going to email you. 

None of this is an accident.

It's modern marketing, and something we both should be doing, if we're

not already.



Email Marketing:

Copywriting, Sales Funnel & Lead Magnet Development

I can help you find a voice that is customer-centered and authentically yours.


Together, we will analyze your typical customer's journey to identify common paths where email communication is helpful and necessary to build trust and increase brand awareness.

We will segment your list based upon your product/service offerings and customer interest(s), so email messaging can be highly targeted and natural. 

After your funnels are in place, we can work together to create a lead magnet (or many!) designed to build your list by increasing email signups. Then, we'll strategically share it with the world to provide value, while continually filling your funnels.

If your business needs to find a way to make their weekly or daily enewsletter stand out - not only will I write it, I'll help you devise a unique approach designed to boost your engagement. 


Technical Sales Funnel Development & Implementation

Over the years I have come into contact with many excellent professionals, but this one belongs at the top!


I'm excited to introduce you to my brilliant friend, Welmoed Van Maanen -Verhagen.

She and I have spent countless hours strategizing for our shared clients, and I trust her implicitly. Welmoed has a wealth of knowledge to share with you (if you want to understand what's going on technically!). She's just as happy to listen to the pain points you are experiencing in your biz, find an amazing solution, and simply make your problems melt away - so you don't have to give the technical aspects of your account another thought. It's like magic!

Welmoed has experience on a wide variety of platforms to support content and course creators, but tends to work most often within Kajabi and ConvertKit. She's also got her own new course about how to use LinkedIn to get yourself Booked Solid

Welmoed & I work together seamlessly as a team. If you only need services from one of us right now - we get it, and are happy to provide you with whatever service you need most!