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Numbers first.

Does the thought of Google Analytics make you want to hide?

What if we think about it in a different way? These numbers actually tell a story - YOUR online story. 

I'll show you which numbers matter, why, and what they mean. 

Then, we'll use this info to your advantage to make strategic decisions about future content development, delivery and marketing.


Google Analytics: 

Interpretation & Action Plan...$150

Which numbers do you need to focus on in your Google Analytics, and what are they telling you about your target audience? This stuff is GOLD! I'll help you uncover the important stats so you can use that info to your advantage! You'll get a comprehensive report of my findings, complete with an Action Plan to help guide your future marketing efforts. 

Social Media Analytics: 

Interpretation & Action Plan...$150

Just like Google Analytics, the platforms where you interact with your customers MOST have their own analysis reports on how your profile is doing. Do you ever dig beyond the front page? I do. Let's see what your social media analytics can tell you about how your customers like to engage with you. What works, what doesn't, and what should you be thinking about when planning future content? 

Keyword Research 

& Product Positioning...$75/Hour

Do you know what your audience is looking for online or HOW they search Google, Pinterest or YouTube? Let's find out together. Simply give me 5-10 keywords you think your target audience is using to look for content like yours. I'll bounce this back to you with a comprehensive list of keywords to help you optimize existing content and plan for future content you didn't even know your audience wanted! Keyword research is extremely important for anyone producing weekly content, content planning, or considering market viability and positioning for potential new products, services, and online courses.  

Content Planning: 


Increase Efficiency & Deliver Value...$75/Hour 

Say goodbye to the days of not knowing what to write about, or if next week's video topic is something your followers even care about! Once you understand your analytics and know something about keyword search volume, you'll be in a sweet spot for STRATEGIC content planning. When you're strategic, you can start to plan ahead and BATCH produce your content for consistent delivery. A Content Plan will streamline your workflow, make you more efficient, deepen your connections, foster trust, and help you build customer loyalty. 

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